Jo is a poet, photographer, priest, spiritual companion/director, and breathwork guide. She leads individuals, small groups, and communities into deeper relationship with themselves, this precious world, and the Divine that binds us together.

Josephine's greatest joy is to help others find their own spiritual center, the ground of their being where they encounter the Divine, and where their unique calling in the world can be found and nurtured.

She brings an innate sense of the sacredness of daily life, deep listening, and curiosity to her encounters with those she serves.

Her spirituality is rooted in the natural world, from her ancestral lands in the Scottish Highlands to the liminal place she now calls home, the Pacific Northwest, nestled between the rugged Cascades and the misty Salish Sea.

She shares her life with her partner Tim, her equine dance partner, two spoiled dogs, and the cats in charge of them all.

"A lifetime as a photographer has taught me that what we expect to see is what we will see.
If you go out looking for wonder, you’ll find Her, in strange and unlikely places."

- Josephine Robertson

The language of my life has been the twin poetry of words on a page, and light through a lens. My earliest memories are of being able to see the holiness of the world around me, the chickadees eating seeds from my mittened hand, the ice that turned the winter world into a wonderland of rainbow light, the dizzying swirl of the Milky Way. I was in love with the Divine before I had words beyond those of the church I was born into.

I met the Holy as Grandmother in the stillness under the ancient altar in the little church of my childhood. She held me in the womb-like cave of the covers on my bed, a choir of spring peepers for a lullaby. I have spent my life playing hide-and-seek with the sacred. Learning from a wide variety of traditions the beautiful diversity in the ways that we human animals meet the Divine. 

My spiritual mentors have been Buddhist, Taoist, Jewish, Christian, and Pagan and each of them has had important gems of truth to share.

The central belief of my life is that the everyday, ordinary wholeness of our lives is deeply sacred. That you are deserving of love, wholeness, and flourishing, and that the Sacred Other I have encountered loves all that is with impossible fullness. My call is to walk with those seeking wholeness, healing, and love in their own lives and to find the deep truth on which they can stand firm, and from which they can offer their own unique gifts for the healing of the world.

My own practices are deeply embodied, I find the Divine through the lens of my camera, the weaving of words in poetry, breathwork, the embodied symphony of horse and rider moving together, meditation, energy work, and the ancient prayers and liturgy of my Episcopal tradition.

For more about who Josephine is, and how we relates to the Divine and other seekers, go here.

My background as a parish priest has made clear to me the ways that the spiritual community outside of formal religious organizations has a capitalism problem. In the parish those who can afford to do so give to support the community, and those with less get to take part in all the advantages of that community regardless of their ability to contribute financially. Too often, outside such religious communities, those with the least financial resources are on their own, unable to access resources or community connection because they cannot afford the entrance fee to yoga classes, meditation groups, or the services of spiritual companions or meditation teachers.

I am trying to address those issues in my own practice in two ways.

First, all of my services are offered on a sliding scale. Those who can pay more are invited to, but I endeavor to turn no one away because of inability to pay fees. Please do not let financial scarcity keep you from working with me.

The second way I am trying to address this is thru Patreon. For those not familiar Patreon allows individuals to support the work of people you believe in through small monthly membership fees. For $5, $10, or $20 a month members can support my work and help me continue to offer writing, companioning, retreats, and other services without having to turn anyone away (and still be able to pay my own bills). Click here if you would like to know more or join my supporters.

We may live in a capitalist society and have to exist within that framework, but those of us who endeavor to build a better and more just world can take steps, however small, to share the burden.

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