come away, rest, renew

I work with groups (friends groups, yoga studios, churches, meditation groups, and more) to create sacred space for rest, renewal, and deepening of connection to the Divine. I am available to lead quiet days, short weekend retreats, or longer session for deeper work.

Most of what is called a retreat in our busy modern world isn't, which isn't to say those things are bad. But they are usually more of a conference or workshop, great for learning, networking, making friends, or having fun, but often lacking in the rest and stillness we so desperately need. I lead retreats. Spend time with me on retreat and you will find yourself invited into creative expression, play, rest (naps are so good), shared meals, and the gentle work of caring for one another.

Come away, rest your whole self (body, mind, heart, and soul) deepen your love and care for one another, and go deeper into your relationship with God/Divine with spiritual practices like...

  • Photography (seeing and sharing Beauty)
  • Sacred writing (yes you, you can write)
  • Meditation (more than just sitting)
  • Breathwork
  • Telling & studying sacred story
  • Creative expression (painting, drawing, & collage as sacred expression)
  • Listening & holding space
  • Exploring you personal metaphors for the Divine/God
  • Spiritual life seasons (you aren't the same person you were, or will be)
  • Prayer (so much more interesting & varied than what our parents taught most of us)

If you are looking for someone to facilitate your next group retreat, or to coach you (via Zoom/phone) through planning your first solo retreat I would love to chat.

or learn, dive deep, explore!

Maybe a retreat isn't right for your group right now, maybe you want that conference/workshop feel. Sometimes something more active and engaged is right for you and your group. You are in luck, I also teach and lead workshops! Workshops are more active than retreats. There's less free time, less time for resting, and more focus on learning something specific, or on a goal for the group. 

I teach spiritual practice of all sorts (just ask), can teach and help you explore Christian scripture (my approach to scripture is too serious to be literal and seeks to address and combat the harm of colonialism, Patriarchy, and slander against LGBTQIA+ folk that many common readings of scripture have caused), writing workshops (focusing on sacred or spiritual writing), and can help guide your group as you create your own meaningful rituals or liturgies. I can also teach a focused session on any of the themes I cover on retreats, or expand on the articles you find here on my site. 

I love to learn, and love to teach. If your group loves to learn too, let's talk.

how to get started...

Click the button to schedule a 20 minute (no cost) call where we can discuss your group's needs and what I offer. Or use the form below to send me a message!

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